My dawgboy Scoot was included in "Dirty Comics" - a cool show at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco during the month of October. I was worried that he'd take a big dump on the gallery floor during the opening. We get invited to so few functions.
Check out this blurb about me on Manhunt. It's always nice to have my work written about, but to they always have to question my sanity?
For the past couple of years I've been on a life drawing kick. This comes as big surprise to me because I really hated figure drawing back in my art school days. Perhaps it's because in art school I never drew a model who enjoyed being looked at as much as the sexy nasty pig-boy above did. Click here to go an album of the specimens from these life drawing sessions that are available for sale. All the drawings are 9" x 12", $50 plus $15 shipping and handling.
rob clarke

A cruder person might say that this latest addition to my fish tank is hung like a seahorse.

rob clarke

This drawing was inspired more by Gary Larson then by Tom of Finland.

rob clarke

I think this farting merman theme appeals to me because it's somehow simutaneously both romantic and retarded.

Ever since I was a kid I've have this recurring dream where I suddenly remember that I own an aquarium that I haven't maintained for months and months. When I check on it, I discover the water's turned a stinky dark green and there are things still living inside. It seems that my fish have thrived without me and they are very, very angry.

When I caught this creature in my net I threw him back into the water - maybe someday he'll grow up to be a salty sea dog.

rob clarke

This is the latest and least twinky version of a composition I've done several times over the past 15 years.

While I was drawing this creature I wondered what tune he would be playing - that's when the beginning of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" began to loop over and over in my head.

rob clarke

"If you love something set it free. If it doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill it."

For the past year or so I've been trying polish my technique of drawing in graphite and charcoal. Previously I'd been working exclusively digitally - I guess I just had a hankering for making something that can hang on a wall.

rob clarke

This is my take on one of my favorite myths - the story of Actaeon - the unfortunate hunter who was punished by the goddess Artemis for ogling her while she was taking a schvitz by being turned into a stag and then attacked by his very own hound dogs.

Here's the scupture I based my drawing on: